The Graduate Vacancy Partnership


The new Graduate Vacancy Partnership is a joint venture between 14 career services in the North West of England. The career services noticed that graduates in this area were not being served to the best of their ability with career services that would encourage their success at every turn. This new service is available to students, graduates and employers who want to see the latest vacancies in the graduate market.

How can the Partnership help graduates and employers?

Encourage employers to create a wide range of jobs and placements for graduates in the North West. This is a good way of stimulating economic recovery in the area because it helps to create jobs that will sustain the communities around each other.

Help graduates find good opportunities – there are many reasons why graduates flock to bigger cities because there tend to be more job opportunities over there. If this sounds like something you are interested in, you should consider using the GVP's services so you can be alerted about the latest jobs and opportunities in the North West.

Employers can use the Partnership's website to submit their vacancies for free. The idea behind this is to stimulate all kinds of employers whether they are small businesses or large companies to hire graduates without any extra overheads needing to be paid.

The good thing about the Partnership is that in its focus to deliver new opportunities, graduates can stay on the pulse via e-mail update alerts if there are any new vacancies that have been posted on the website.

    • Online Education

      If you want to train in a new profession, or gain some added qualifications to bulster your CV, then online learning may make a great choice for you. It allows for flexible hours, and can put you in touch with professional educators who are able to help you process the course material, all without leaving your computer.

    • Recruitment

      Recruitment is an integral part to our employment market. Having a great agency to help you through the process of hiring new people, or looking for a job, can present you with immeasurable benefits in comparison to searching by yourself.

    • Education News

      Education is a fast evolving part of our society, and keeping up to date with all of the education news is important for those involved, particularly teachers and parents.

    • Exam Tips

      Looking for exam tips could make the difference between a successful exam and one which is a failure. Continuing to develop your examination abilities is important for all students.

    • Teaching Profession

      The teaching profession is a calling, you should understand what you are getting into fully before you make a committment to it.

    • Job Applications

      When trying to find a job, your job application needs to be able to convince your potential employers to take a chance on you.

    • Educational Books

      Educational books play an important role in the classroom. Keeping up to date academic books is an important task for teachers and schools. There is a great difference in the effectiveness of different books, depending largely upon their suitability for the age group and their publication date.

    • Education Tips

      For teachers, scouring the education tips for ones suitable for their class is an important part in defining your success as a teacher.